About InGrid

InGrid functions as a global grid which allows the user to connect with everything available on the web, which include network of friends, colleagues, relatives, photo albums, news, notes, blogs and websites.

InGrid is meant for both professionals and casual users as it organises friends and relatives into zones. Users can post YouTube videos, images from either the desktop or the web, links and html content. Also they can share them or send them by email to other contacts.

Users can create blogs through the grid. Messages or other content can be converted to blog postings and can be viewed by anyone accessing the web.

About ZCubes

ZCubes is the realization of providing a single interface/ platform/ environment to achieve the 6C's of Computing, together in a continuous medium. ZCubes is an integrated vision of the way software is conceived and delivered. Using our concept of OMNI-FUNCTIONALITY, we bring your digital experience closer to how you function in the real world.

About SpiderBrowse

Spider Browse allows you to search the web in your context. Its easy interface provides you a single window to search using multiple search engines. You can target your search without having to modify your search term.

SpiderBrowse provides easy access to your favorite blogs, news and websites.

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